Skin rejuvenation practices are not just for the aging population, emphasis should be put on prevention as much as on wrinkle treatment. The purpose of anti-aging skin care is to avoid wrinkles, hydrate the deeper layers of the skin, prevent pigment spots, tighten the face, reduce existing wrinkles. Starting in your 20s, it is worth putting great emphasis on this, since from this age on, the skin produces less collagen, the amount of fat tissue in the face decreases, mimic wrinkles appear, hydration and tightness decrease.

This is exacerbated by the harmful effects of lifestyle and environment, smoking, excessive use of solarium, chemicals, lack of sleep, stress, poor eating habits, low fluid intake (water!).

In the light of the above, in your 20s, it is important to start using proper skin care, skin-type specific face cleaners and tonics―use skin scrubs, body scrubs, moisturizing day (with UV filters) and night face creams, under-eye products on a weekly basis. In addition to the above, in your 30s, choose so-called biostimulatory treatments from the offer of cosmetics or aesthetic medicine; these various methods stimulate the cells of the body to renew, produce new collagen and elastic fiber, thereby they tighten the skin, smooth out wrinkles and help maintain the original contours. At this time, muscle relaxation treatments (“botox”) can also be used to smooth out fine mimic wrinkles, thereby preventing deep furrows. In home skin care, antioxidant, vitamin C-containing creams come to the fore. From your 40s onwards, you need to apply retinol creams for home use and hyaluronic acid moisturizers in the fight against aging, and sooner or later, you may begin to refill the lack of volume resulting from the loss of bone and fat tissue with the help of an aesthetic specialist, usually by hyaluronic acid filling. For aesthetic treatments, keep moderation in mind and try to “grow old” with grace; from this point on, the goal should be slowing down aging, maintaining and improving the existing state, striving for physical and mental harmony, and preserving physical health, as diseases also affect the condition of the skin.